Included in the eCourse Content are 13 weeks of videos, articles and stories, and community discussions.

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    • What is Body Balance?

    • Lesson A: Adorning Your Body and Environment (Video)

    • Lesson A: Exercise and Fun (Discussion)

    • Lesson B: Treating Your Body Like a Temple (Video)

    • Lesson B: Dress For the Job You Want, Not The Job You Have (Article)

    • Lesson B: Favorite Things (Discussion)

    • Lesson C: Creating a Workout That’s Right for You (Video)

    • Lesson C: Maintaining Nutrition Anywhere in the World (Article)

    • Lesson C: Healthy Recipes (Discussion)

    • Lesson D: Resting and Being Still (Video)

    • Lesson D: Creating Sacred Spaces (Article)

    • Lesson D: Sleep and Restfulness (Discussion)

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    • What is Spirit & Soul Balance?

    • Lesson A: Finding What’s Sacred For You (Video)

    • Lesson A: What Moves Your Spirit? (Discussion)

    • Lesson B: What About the Atheist or the Agnostic? (Video)

    • Lesson B: Retraining the Mind (Article)

    • Lesson B: Intuitive Knowing (Discussion)

    • Lesson C: Using Meditation as a Place to Connect with Self (Video)

    • Lesson C: Love Yourself (Article)

    • Lesson C: Guided Intuition (Discussion)

    • Lesson D: What is Your Intuition Trying to Tell You? (Video)

    • Lesson D: Why I Swim in the Ocean (Article)

    • Lesson D: Fuel Your Spirit (Discussion)

  4. 4
    • What is Purpose?

    • Lesson A: Finding Purpose In Your Work (Video)

    • Lesson A: What Moves Your Spirit? (Discussion)

    • Lesson B: The Ultimate Reward, Finding Joy in Service (Video)

    • Lesson B: Three Questions to Ask When Finding Your Purpose (Article)

    • Lesson B: Career Inspiration (Discussion)

    • Lesson C: Is Giving the Missing Key? (Video)

    • Lesson C: Role Models (Article)

    • Lesson C: Prosperity in Your Community (Discussion)

    • Lesson D: Living with Purpose (Video)

    • Lesson D: Surround Yourself with People who Inspire You (Article)

    • Lesson D: Service the World (Discussion)

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    • Lesson A: We Find What We Want, By Knowing What We Don’t Want (Video)

    • Lesson A: Ideal Relationships (Discussion)

    • Lesson B: Relationships with Family (Video)

    • Lesson B: Recognizing Life's Patterns (Article)

    • Lesson B: Family Dynamics (Discussion)

    • Lesson C: Honoring Ourselves in the Way We Honor a Lover (Video)

    • Lesson C: Cultivate Authentic Relationships (Article)

    • Lesson C: Finding What You Want (Discussion)

    • Lesson D: Community Makes Us Stronger! (Video)

    • Lesson D: How to Disconnect from Technology to Reconnect with Yourself (Article)

    • Lesson D: Honor Relationships (Discussion)

  6. 6
    • Lesson A: Finding FUN in Your Work (Video)

    • Lesson A: Authentic Self at Work (Discussion)

    • Lesson B: Most Comedy Comes From Tragedy (Video)

    • Lesson B: Lessons Learned From Taking First Real FUN Vacation in Years (Article)

    • Lesson B: Comedy in Tragedy (Discussion)

    • Lesson C: Fake It Till You Make It (Video)

    • Lesson C: Why Laughter Fuels the Soul (Article)

    • Lesson C: Laugh Until You Cry (Discussion)

    • Lesson D: FUN Makes Life Better (Video)

    • Lesson D: Building a Community Around FUN (Article)

    • Lesson D: Do Something That Makes You Giggle (Discussion)

  7. 7
    • Lesson A: Identifying Blocks in Making Your Dreams Reality (Video)

    • Lesson A: Prosperity in Your Life (Discussion)

    • Lesson B: What Prosperity Really Looks Like (Video)

    • Lesson B: Attracting Prosperity (Article)

    • Lesson B: Magnetize Abundance (Discussion)

    • Lesson C: Clear the Clutter (Video)

    • Lesson C: Visualize the Life You Dreamed (Article)

    • Lesson C: Clear Some Clutter (Discussion)

    • Lesson D: Rejoice in Small Beginnings (Video)

    • Lesson D: Make Your Own PR Statement (Article)

    • Lesson D: Celebrate New Beginnings (Discussion)

  8. 8
    • Lesson A: How-To Create Your Ideal Career (Video)

    • Lesson A: Enjoyable Aspects of Your Job (Discussion)

    • Lesson B: Become an Indispensable Member of Your Team (Video)

    • Lesson B: 5 Ways to Win in the Workplace (Article)

    • Lesson B: Your Unique Contributions (Discussion)

    • Lesson C: What Do Top Companies Want? (Video)

    • Lesson C: Transitioning Jobs with Grace (Article)

    • Lesson C: Expand Your Community (Discussion)

    • Lesson D: Work-Life Balance (Video)

    • Lesson D: Leaving Work at Work (Article)

    • Lesson D: Find Work-Life Balance (Discussion)

  9. 9
    • Lesson A: Siobhan’s “Earthquake Kit” to Manage the Traumas of Life (Video)

    • Lesson A: Pain & Frustration (Discussion)

    • Lesson B: Establishing a Regimen to Heal Yourself (Video)

    • Lesson B: How I Use Positive Thinking to Heal Myself (Article)

    • Lesson B: Establish a Sense of Safety (Discussion)

    • Lesson C: Fighting For Joy Amidst Trauma and Depression (Video)

    • Lesson C: How Do We Keep the Mind Focused During Tough Times (Article)

    • Lesson C: Go-To People (Discussion)

    • Lesson D: How To Thrive and Not Survive (Video)

    • Lesson D: Let's Not Be Careless With Our Hearts (Article)

    • Lesson D: Thrive (Discussion)

  10. 10
    • Lesson A: Be Impeccable With Your Word (Video)

    • Lesson A: Live Up to Your Word (Discussion)

    • Lesson B: Don't Take Anything Personally (Video)

    • Lesson B: Strategies for Shaking Off That Negative Voice in Your Head (Article)

    • Lesson B: Don't Take It Personally (Discussion)

    • Lesson C: Don't Make Assumptions Quality (Video)

    • Lesson C: Taking Your Power Back from a Difficult Situation (Article)

    • Lesson C: Inner-Knowing (Discussion)

    • Lesson D: Always Do Your Best (Video)

    • Lesson D: Wisdom From Relationships (Article)

    • Lesson D: Celebrate Your Best (Discussion)

  11. 11
    • Lesson A: Gratitude and Happiness (Video)

    • Lesson A: Feel Fortunate (Discussion)

    • Lesson B: How to Write a Gratitude List (Video)

    • Lesson B: Happiness is a Choice (Article)

    • Lesson B: Choose Happiness & Gratitude (Discussion)

    • Lesson C: Imagine What We Can Accomplish (Article)

    • Lesson C: Be More Grateful (Discussion)

    • Lesson D: Finding Gratitude in Your Career (Video)

    • Lesson D: How Siobhan Traded in a Job She Liked for a Job She Loved (Article)

    • Lesson D: Work Life Gratitude (Discussion)

  12. 12
    • Lesson A: How Do You Re-Energize Dull Areas of Your Life? (Video)

    • Lesson A: What Has Resonated With You? (Discussion)

    • Lesson B: Acknowledging How Far You’ve Come (Video)

    • Lesson B: Why Routines Help Us Navigate the Day (Article)

    • Lesson B: How Have Routines Changed? (Discussion)

    • Lesson C: For People Who Say, "I Have No Time" (Video)

    • Lesson C: Stop Working Harder, Work Towards Success (Article)

    • Lesson C: New Routines & Practices (Discussion)

    • Lesson D: How to Look at Weaknesses as Strengths (Video)

    • Lesson D: Things You Might Regret Later (Article)

    • Lesson D: What Are Your Strengths? (Discussion)

  13. 13
    • Lesson A: Oceans (Video)

    • Lesson A: Visualization - Ocean (Article)

    • Lesson A: Water & Your Emotions (Discussion)

    • Lesson B: The Sun (Video)

    • Lesson B: Visualization - The Sun (Article)

    • Lesson B: The Sun & Your Energy (Discussion)

    • Lesson C: Mountains (Video)

    • Lesson C: Visualization - Mountains (Article)

    • Lesson C: Nature & Purposeful Thinking (Discussion)

    • Lesson D: Gardens (Video)

    • Lesson D: Visualization - Forest (Article)

    • Lesson D: Get Through Your Challenges (Discussion)

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Fighting for Your JOY consists of 13 JOY=Success Toolkit modules designed to help build rituals and practices for a more successful, happier life while making a positive impact on the world.

Learn to Choose Joy in Any Moment
Better understand what this thing we call "JOY" really is, where it comes from, why it matters, and how to begin fighting for it, TOGETHER!

• Using Affirmations and Intentions Throughout Your Day
• The Power of Thought
• Meditation From a Practical Standpoint
• Creating Goals for JOY and Living with Intention
• Creating Patterns of Self Worth
• Dancing Through Your Emotions
• Energy Follows Your Thoughts
• Recognizing and Dealing With Mental Obstacles
• Showing Up Just the Way You Are
• Creating a Sacred Mind Space

Customize a Routine that Honors and Supports Your Temple
Learn powerful self-care practices that instantly reconnect you to your joyful heart.

• Adorning Your Body and Environment
• Creating a Comfortable Exercise Routine and Making it Fun!
• Treating Your Body as a Temple
• Dress For the Job You Want, Not the Job You Have
• Maintaining Nutrition Anywhere in the World
• Resting and Being Still
• Creating Sacred Spaces
• Sleeping and Enjoying Restfulness

Find Soulfulness in Everyday Activities and Passions

• Finding What’s Sacred for You
• Valuing Differing Viewpoints
• Retraining Your Mind
• Intuitive Knowing
• Using Meditation as a Place to Connect with Self
• Loving Yourself
• Guiding Intuition
• Fueling Your Spirit with Joy

Create a Life That is Purposeful, Profitable, and Fun

• Finding Purpose in Your Work & What Moves Your Spirit
• Finding the Reward in Service
• Being Inspired in Your Career
• Living With Purpose
• Surrounding Yourself with Inspiration
• Service the World

• Knowing What You Want
• Recognizing Your Ideal Relationship
• Healing from Family Relationships
• Recognizing Life’s Patterns
• Honoring Ourselves in the Way We Honor Our Lover
• Cultivating Authentic Relationships
• Finding What you Want
• Relying on Community to Make us Even Stronger
• Disconnect to Reconnect
• Honoring Your Relationships

• Finding Fun in Your Work
• Being Your Authentic Self
• Making the Most Out of Your Lessons
• Faking it Till Your Making It
• Laughing to Fuel the Soul
• Building a Community Around Fun
• Doing Things Just to Giggle 😊

• Identifying Blocks Preventing Your Dreams to Come True
• Recognizing What Prosperity Means to You
• Attracting Prosperity
• Magnetizing Abundance
• Clearing the Clutter
• Visualizing the Life You Dreamed
• Rejoicing in Small Beginnings
• Making Your Own PR Statements

• Creating Your Ideal Career
• Recognizing Enjoyable Parts of Your Work
• Becoming Indispensable
• Winning in the Workplace
• Knowing What Companies Want
• Transitioning Jobs with Grace
• Expanding Your Community
• Creating a Work-Life Balance

• Sifting Through the Traumas of Life
• Talking Through Pain & Frustration
• Establishing a Regimen to Heal
• Using Positive Thinking to Heal Self
• Establishing a Sense of Safety Within
• Fighting for Joy Amidst Trauma and Depression
• Focusing Our Mind During Tough Times
• Living to Thrive, Not Just Survive
• Being Careful With Our Hearts

• Being Impeccable With Your Word
• Living Up to Your Word
• Learning Not to Take Things Personally
• Shaking off Your Self-Doubt
• Taking Your Power Back
• Trusting Your Inner-Knowledge
• Knowing You Always Do Your Best
• Using Your Relationships to Gain Wisdom
• Celebrating Your Best YOU

• Finding Your Gratitude
• Feeling Fortunate
• Choosing Happiness
• Imagining All You Can Accomplish
• Finding Gratitude in Your Work

• Re-Energizing Dull Areas of Your Life
• Realizing What Resonates With You
• Acknowledging How Far You’ve Come
• Reflecting on Routines and Practices
• Removing the Words “I Have No Time” From Our Thoughts
• Working Not Harder, But Smarter
• Looking at Weaknesses as Places of Strength
• Having NO Regrets BONUS

• Oceans
• Water & Your Emotions
• The Sun
• The Sun & Your Energy
• Mountains
• Nature & Purposeful Thinking
• Gardens & Forests
• Getting Through Your Challenges TOGETHER